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New office -New journey

reading volume:      author:Angel     release time:2021-10-29 18:09:40      website:深圳市安杰信息科技有限公司

It's an auspicious day, and the sun shines. October 29, on this memorable day, Angel ushered in another milestone since the establishment of the company. The company moved to the new energy innovation industrial park of Shenzhen Nanshan Science and technology park, located at 2F, east building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, with convenient transportation and a solid scientific and technological innovation atmosphere.


Angel's new office has 1500 square meters, lobby, office zone, robot exhibition hall, VIP reception room, multi-functional conference room, negotiation room, and independent bathrooms. The clean and comfortable office environment, spacious, bright, and modern office conditions have effectively stimulated all employees' confidence and strength to move towards a new height. It also heralded its bright development prospects and marked its confidence and power to create better performance. 

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