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Angel A350c new products are on the market

reading volume:      author:Anjel      release time:2021-11-13 14:23:54      website:深圳市安杰信息科技有限公司

      On November 12, 2021, the new product A350C of Angel robot was grandly released and made a strong landing in the global market.


[Angel A350C] is the world's first plug-in lithium battery robot. The battery can be used alternately, and the operation + charging is correct. For the first time, 24-hour uninterrupted cleaning operation is realized. One A350c = 2 ordinary robots = 5 cleaners.

[Angel A350C]  is a commercial cleaning robot suitable for indoor hard ground. It has the characteristics of extremely beautiful external regulations, high efficiency and quiet, safe and easy to control, easy maintenance and so on. It integrates floor washing, floor sweeping, dust pushing, atomization and ultraviolet irradiation, creating an efficient and clean environment for office buildings, industrial parks, municipal public buildings, venues, shopping centers, stations, airports, hotels and other fields Convenient, safe, beautiful and ecological intelligent clean new world.


1、 Minimalist aesthetic design

The appearance design of Angel A350C follows the modern minimalist aesthetics, and all components are integrated inside the fuselage; Solid color style creates elegant and clean feeling; The multi curve arc perfectly integrates various spaces without disturbing or damaging the original appearance atmosphere of the use scene. The annular embedded lighting design fits the whole and highlights the charm of science and technology. The extremely beautiful appearance not only endows the scene with beautiful and value-added significance, but also injects brand value gain into the field.


2、 Multiple security configuration

Angel A350C walks very smoothly and has excellent obstacle avoidance function. No matter where obstacles appear, it can avoid them within 2 meters. If the obstacles do not disappear within a few seconds, it will bypass the obstacles and move forward.

3、 App one key multi control

Key indicators, data, task status and other information of Angel A350C robot are stored in the cloud, which is convenient for users to access and monitor in real time through the web platform; Supporting app remote control, mastering operation information anytime and anywhere, issuing instructions and centralized management; It also supports the collaborative operation of multiple cleaning robot equipment, flexibly mobilize equipment labor resources, easy management and control, and realize the efficient collaborative operation of human + robot combination. The emergency button is set at the top of the fuselage, which can realize one key shutdown and effectively deal with emergencies in the field.


4、 Technology makes life easier

Angel A350C intelligent cleaning robot

With practical oriented design, the structure is simplified and the operation is convenient.

[design of cleaning components] all cleaning components are placed inside the machine body, beautiful and safe.

[independent suspension design] the cleaning module adopts independent suspension design and multi-stage adjustable, which is convenient to adapt to a variety of ground environments.

[double water tank structure] change water in 1 minute, add water and discharge sewage at the same time.

[bottom structure] quick detachable structure, which is convenient for cleaning, component replacement and maintenance.

[rolling brush and scraping] the rolling brush and scraping can be disassembled manually, and equipped with a variety of scraping strips and rolling brushes, which can be replaced and used according to the ground type and crystallization degree.

[convenient battery replacement] direct charging + seat charging dual mode.

5、 Efficient, flexible and quiet

[working noise] < 70 dB

[cleaning area] 1000 square meters per hour

[maximum traveling speed] 0.8 m / S

[full power use time] floor washing 4h, dust pushing 16h

[single charge time] 4H